Skill Development and Resourcing

At ISQT, we take the complete ownership and responsibility of all staffing needs and deliver the significant benefit compared to the competition and goes way beyond managed services or recruitment vendor. We support our clients with just-in-time, high performing staffing options and there by optimize their workforce efficiency. We connect your business performance to the right staff outsourcing initiative.

ISQT offers a distinct competitive advantage on your IT human resource needs by being your premier recruitment process partner. We provide the ability to rapidly hire the right talent and thereby reduce your operational costs and business risks. We differentiate ourselves from others through our approach which is process driven, robust and specific to the needs of our clients. We have developed domain & client specific databases and proactively populate them with current and future centric candidate information. We are being approached by top candidates on a regular basis which enhances the potential of databases and also reduces the staffing cycle time. We deliver results through well designed, robust processes which meet the demands and challenges of every organization.

At ISQT we have the pioneers who represented the Software Quality function for many industry leaders and hence our reach to talent and best class is far more than others.
  • Faster identification of “quality” candidates
  • Mitigated Operational “risks”
  • Efficient Recruitment Process and hence greater Management “buy-in”
  • Assured improvement in Staff “retention”
  • Highly focused on “domain” specific hires

ISQT as a Solution Provider for Your Human Resource Requirements We offer solutions for your ongoing problems and challenges related human resource hiring and outsouring:
  • We Reduce Your Hiring Costs
  • We Reduce Your Spending towards Fresher Induction Training Program
  • We increase your Conversion Ratio in Your Campus Recruitment Drive
  • We Provide you Project-deployable Skilled Resources

ISQT Proposed Models of Solution towards Human Resource Requirements ISQT offers following models of solutions towards Human Resource Requirements:
  • “Zero Cost” Fresher and Campus Hiring Solution Model
  • Insourcing and Co-sourcing Model

ISQT's Models for HR Solutions

"Zero Cost" Hiring Model

ISQT's Models for HR Solutions

Insourcing and Co-sourcing Model
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