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  Advisory Services in Software Test Process Improvement (TPI)

ISQT Software Testing World as your trusted service partner brings you Software Test Process Improvement (TPI ) related Advisory Service Suite.

ISQT TPI Service suite offers an end-to-end software test process improvement services. Our TPI Service Suite facilitates your organization to bring in synergy among test practitioners, methodologies and tools to get optimum value. In addition we conduct training to your test practitioners so as to make them highly productive. Thus matured test process and skilled manpower prepares your organization to generate business value to customers and also helps you to achieve competitive advantage in market.


Need for TPI

Effective and efficient software testing cannot happen by chance but needs well structured process. The way your software testing is structured, needs an immediate attention. If you ignore this, you will fail to generate value. In other words, if you like to achieve business value in software testing then you need to align your limited resources and redefine/redesign/refine existing processes to new services and products. This is very complex and rigorous activity. If you do not address it immediately, your profitability erodes, productivity impedes, confuses customers- internal and external and adds non-recoverable costs that can kill you in market place.
  ISQT Software Testing World- Your Trusted Partner in TPI . .

Now is the time for you to re-look into test practice maturity of your organization. By understanding your need, we are proud to bring you ISQT service suite on software test process improvement (TPI).
ISQT TPI Service Suit includes

  • Gap Analysis of Existing Process with Maturity Models
  • Arriving at TPI Holistic Approach
  • Test Process Definition
  • Test Metrics Deployment
  • Test Automation including Handholding
  • Test Team Organization
  • Test Team Evaluation Framework
  • Test Lab Setup
  • Defining and Building Core Competency
  • Benchmarking Test Practices
  • Aligning TPI initiative with CMMI and ISO
  Differentiators : ISQT TPI Service Suite

ISQT TPI Service Suite helps you to

  • Conquer Complexity in Test Related Processes so as to succeed in your business to make effective decisions related to processes and applicable standards to align Test Processes to Existing Organizational processes to introduce and bind applicable Domain Specific Standards like Health care, Banking, Telecom, etc into the project.
  • Improve Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE) by controlling quality defects and by reducing rework time.

With these differentiators we look forward to provide model based end-to-end Software Test Process Improvement (TPI) service at competitive price to build process culture in your organization for better market positioning.

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