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  Dated: 26th April 2012
  What Software Testing is All About?
  Author: Arunkumar Khannur | email:
  As days are passing by, the definition and coverage of software testing is taking entirely new dimension. Performing good software testing is becoming a process of using appropriate approach, strategy, methodology, method, technique, skills and competency, creativity, and automation. Test Approach is demanding testing with known inputs and known “process” to perform testing and also, testing with known inputs but using “discovery” to perform testing. However objectives of software testing are very much clear at least per definition per say
  Objectives of Software Testing
  When I do software testing, I always think to address the following two objectives:

Objective 1:
“To provide information on how well the software is fulfilling its requirements so as to build the confidence that the software is working as required and is ready for release”

Objective 2:
“To provide information on how well the software is coping with environment and changes so as to build the confidence that the software continues to work as expected”

The major theme around both these objectives is that software testing is aiming at providing information so as to help in many areas including requirements – functional and non-functional; service level agreements;
process-product-project-portfolio related aspects; internal and external standards related conformance and compliances and so on. Success of software testing depends how well and how deep you address these requirements at lesser time, lesser effort, and using resources effectively. This indirectly help in just-in-time release of software so as to increase customer and user satisfaction and also, to beat the competition.
At the outset, the objectives seem to be simple and trivial. However, addressing both these objectives is very complex.
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