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ISQT provides Training & Advisory Services to Corporate, Educational Institutes. ISQT also organizes  Step-Auto Conferences. We operate in 11 Countries and provide services to 325+ Companies with the help of 2200+ Faculty & Consultants and delivering 1250+ Courses. 
Skill Development and Resourcing - "Zero Cost" Hiring Model

ISQT is proposing a unique model of manpower hiring, which will result trained and skilled resources for the clients in a “Zero Cost” process.

ISQT's Models for HR Solutions
"Zero Cost" Hiring Model

As part of our ISQT EduServices, we are working closely with reputed Higher Technical Education and also, we are working closely with Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka. We are leveraging these relationships so as to offer unique solutions of “Zero Cost” Fresher and Campus Hiring Solution Model which helps you in getting right talent, the perfect match, and the best in class resources at zero cost. We, at ISQT, take pride in proposing this unique solution of providing specific skills for the resources hired by the companies.


The ISQT Resource Training service will encompass following:

  • Evaluate the skill requirement of the client
  • Do the Training Needs Analysis of the Client
  • Identify the Domain and Technology and related specific skill requirement of the resources to be deployed at client’s site in the next 2-3 months time frame.
  • Arrive at a comprehensive training curriculum in collaboration with the client
  • Arrive at a training delivery schedule
  • Continuous enhancement of the curriculum
  • Identify the trainers to impart the skills
Impart the skills in a monitored environment strengthened by feed back from trainers and performance evaluations.
Insourcing and Co-sourcing Model

Institutional Resources who are Trained in Technical Skills and Soft skills:  
ISQT has collaboration with many Higher Technical Institutes and also in the last phase of finalizing a collaboration with Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka. ISQT’s industry experts deliver training in these Institutes are to the selected batches of students in Technical skills and Soft skills to make them ready for the industry. These trained resources can be tested for the required skills and domain and hired. We also can customize these trainings to align to your requirements. We offer you shortlisted so trained resources by filtering them to match your requirements and criteria.
  ISQT Resources who are trained in Technical Skills and Soft skills
  ISQT will enroll students with right skill set and aptitude and train them for specific skills. The curriculum of this skills training can be customized to specific need of the client. At the successful completion of the training to impart complete required skills, theses trained resources are ready to be deployed at the client workspace. The training for these resources is at no cost to the clients.  

For the above skilled resources ISQT proposes the following to clients,

  • Direct Hire
  • Contract Resources
Contract to Hire Resources
  Required Deliverables
  • Skilled, quality resources at a reduced cost
  • Resources with skills customised to the needs of the company.
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