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Our Partners

We believe that collective synchronous effort help reaching the pinnacle of excellence. In this pursuit, we have partnered with some local and international companies so that we can provide best available quality to our clients. In this endeavor we also make sure that our basic values, vision and mission remain intact.

Here are our partners.
Strategic Partners
Prosper Jet Sdn. Bhd.
Prosper Jet Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

Prosper Jet as Master Strategic Partner of ISQT at Malaysia advices, assists and represents ISQT in Malaysia in connection with the establishing new business opportunities by identifying potential clients and partners, and finalizing agreement and MOU's. Prosper Jet is a known service provider in Insurance Consulting and introducing corporation to leverage their expertise in IT and related services.
ARA TechBis ARA TechBis Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

ISQT with ARA TechBis Sdn. Bhd works on Outsourcing of Software Testing projects for Malaysian clients. ARATECHBIS is a fully owned Malaysian company that provides IT enabled Business Solutions across technologies and verticals.
Educational Partners

ISQT is a business partner of CONFORMIQ Inc. Conformiq Designer is an Automated Test Design tool that automatically generates black box test steps for manual testing or test stimuli files in any language for execution in the userís test framework. Test cases are optimized to cover all requirements and minimize regression test suites. A full test oracle is automatically generated along with test coverage, traceability, and other documentation. With this partnership with Conformiq, ISQT delivers Model Based Testing and Automated Test Design related training based on the model based testing and automated test design concepts and process.
CommLab India, Hyderabad

CommLab is an education partner of ISQT. ISQT and CommLab together provide e-Learning modules and content for various courses in Software Testing. CommLabs Indiaís core business is enhancing Performance through learning solutions.
SoftechLabs Softech Labs, Hyderabad

ISQT partners with Softech Labs for providing IT outsourcing, training and development.
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