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Core Python

Course overview

This training program provides a basic introduction to Python programming language. The focus of this training program willbe more on "pythonic" approach towards problem-solving..

Course objectives
  •   Understand the basic programming paradigms using Python 2 and Python 3
  •   Understand builtin data types, variables, functions and flow control statements.
  •   Learn how to use string, tuple, list, byte array, set, dictionary types effectively.
  •   Learn "pythonic" idioms and anti-idioms.
  •   Learn functions, modules and file I/O operations.
  •   Learn the basic concepts of OOP in Python.

Participants should be comfortable with the following technologies: - Basic programming background with good understanding programming language ingredients that include variables and datatypes, flow control statements, and function/procedural programming paradigms. - Knowledge of any scripting language would be beneficial. - Knowledge of OOP and modular programming concepts in any programming language are recommended.

Who can Participate
  • Engineers who wish to learn python program to developapplications or to automate their applications/framework.
  • Engineers who wish to prototype new applications.
Workshop Topics
Day 1

Introduction to Python

Lists, Tuples and Sets

  • Introduction to python programming

  • An overview of scripting and the pragmatic developmentapproach
  • An overview on python interpreter
  • An overview on Python development tools
    • Aptana Studio/PyDev, NetBeans, bpython, vim-python andIDLE
  • Python implementations (features and differences)
    • CPython, Jython, IronPython, PyPy, Stackless Python
  • Python 2 vs Python 3 (feature differences)
  • Common sequence operations
  • Manipulation of Lists
  • Manipulation of Tuples
  • Manipulation of Sets
Working with dictionaries
  • Introduction to dictionaries
  • Creating, assigning, updating dictionaries
  • Dictionary operators, functions and built-in methods
Getting started with Python Hands On
  • Practice basic programming concepts using python.
  • Small exercises on understanding conditional constructsand loops.
  • Practice various string operators, functionsand built-in methods
  • Practice exercises on Lists and Tuples
Working with Strings
  • An overview of strings in python
  • String operators
  • Built-in string manipulation functions
  • Built-in string methods
  • Special string features in python
  • Built-in modules for string handling
  • Unicode strings and bytearray
  • Numbers and expressions
  • Variables and statements
  • Conditional statements and loop
  • Handling user input
  •  An overview of built-in functions and modules
  • Python syntax, style and coding conventions
  •  Basic introspection using type() and dir() function
  •   Types, Classes and Dynamic typing, Duck typing
Day 2


Modular development

  • Creating user-defined functions
  • Passing functions
  • Formal arguments
  • Variable-length arguments
  • A walk-through on various built-in functions
  • Creating modules
  • Variable scope
  • Understanding namespaces
  • Importing modules and module attributes
  • Module hierarchy

File and Directory handling

Standard Python modules

  •  File I/O operations
  •   Built-in file and directory handling libraries
    • fileinput
    • stat
    • filecmp and dircmp
    • glob, zipfile and tarfile
    • pickle and shelve modules
  • Serialization using json
  • Using the sys module
    • sys.argv, sys.path, sys.version
  •  An overview on __builtin__ and __future__ modules
  • Using the os module
    • Filesystem/directory functions
    • Basic process management functions
    • Recursive directory iteration using os.walk
  • Using the os.path module
    • Determining basename, dirname, path manipulation
    • File type/size/timestamp and other stat determination
  • Using the time and datetime modules
  • Using random, shutil, pprint, hashlib, md5, optparse and logging modules

Hands On

  • Practice exercises on dictionaries, functions and modules
  • Practice exercises on file operations
  • Practice exercises on logging, os related features
Day 3

Classes and Objects

Testing, Debugging and Deployment
  • Introduction to OOP using python
  • Classes and class attributes
  • Instances and instance attributes
  • Binding and method invocation
  • Composition, Subclassing and Derivation
  • Inheritance
  • Built-in functions for classes, instances and other objects
  • An overview of built-in python classes and modules
  • Using the unittest module for writing
  • testcases
  • Using doctest
  • Regressing testing using test module
  • Documentation generation using pydoc
  • Using pdb debugger framework and inspect
  • Tracing python statement execution using
  • trace framework
  • Timing measurement using timeit module
  • Building and installing python modules
  • using distutils and pypi
Errors and exception handling Hands On
  • Introduction to exceptions
  • Detecting and handling exceptions
  • Exceptions as Strings and Classes
  • Raising exceptions
  • Creating exceptions
  • Standard exceptions
  • Create custom python library module
  • Practice exercises on OOP related features in python
  • Practice exercises on multi-threading and multi-processing
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Core Python

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