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"Perfecting You in Estimation"
Be there to Learn from an Industry Reputed Estimation Expert!
More than 45 Companies in Eleven Countries Includes:
HCL Technologies, LG Soft, Wipro, VMWare,SAP Labs, Siemens Information, HP, Cognizant-Hyderabad, TransCibernet-Hyderabad, Ford Technologies-Chennai, SRA Systems-Chennai, CT Space- Pune, Texas Instrument, Nokia Siemens, EMC Data Systems, Satyam, Manhattan Associates, Huawei Technologies, Oracle, MphasiS Technologies, Philips, DSL, CG Smith, CMC, Commerce Velocity, Zilog, Network Solutions, Lac Viet, Software Park Thailand, IFS Argentina, Zhuhai Software Park- China, OpenArc- Srilanka etc., are leveraging from the Estimation experience.
 Workshop Overview
Estimation plays a crucial role in project planning. It determines the difference between success and failure of a project to a large extent. Poor estimation leading to project disaster is now a bygone conclusion. Estimating size and effort is a Herculean task. This course is designed to address Function Point Counting technique with hands-on exercises for effective application in real world.
 Workshop Objectives
    The workshop provides participants with an enhanced understanding of:
  • Function Point (FP) Counting
  • Guidelines, hints, and examples to understand FP Counting
  • Case study on use of FP in software estimation
  • Use and limitation of FP technique
 Who Should Attend?
    The course is useful for
  • Project leaders
  • Project Managers and
  • Those involved in planning and managing projects
 Workshop Benefits
At the end of the workshop, participants will develop an understanding about FP Counting Techniques and Use Case Points. They get a clear, conceptual understanding of complex concepts related to FP and Use Case Points. With this background, they will be in a position to estimate the project better.
 Facilitator: Mr. Arunkumar M. Khannur
Mr.Arunkumar Khannur, an Internationally reputed Leading Senior Faculty, Author and Consultant in Software Engineering, Software Project Management, Software Testing, and Software Process Improvement domains. He brings more than 20 years of professional experience to Software Industry.

He has M.Sc in Physics & M.Tech in Computer Science to his credit. provides consulting and training services across India, China, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Argentina. He has extended his expertise to UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization - as an International Expert on Software Engineering and Management. He has conducted more than 80+ trainings and workshop on Software Estimation.

His most recent training ratings are; Faculty Rating: 4.56 Course Rating: 4.19 in the scale of 5. Companies where Mr.Khannur provides/ provided his training and consulting services include: HP, Siemens, Philips, Wipro, iFlex, Cognizant, Satyam, Interwoven, Collabera, Solverminds, Cambridge Technologies, Samsung, LG, Top Group- China, Idea Factory- Argentina, GCS- Vietnam, LacViet- Vietnam, Software Technology Park- Thailand, etc.. He also provides end to end consulting on projects.

Mr. Khannur has conducted more than 300 public workshops and corporate training on more than 35 titles in Software Engineering and Management. More than 10,000 IT professionals from seven different countries have benefited from his knowledge and expertise. More than 45 companies have benefited from his CMM/CMMI Process Consulting.

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Ariba, Cambridge Technologies, Cellstream, Cognizant, HP, IBM, iFlex, Interwoven, LG, Oracle, Philips, Robert Bosch, Samsung, Sharp, Siemens, VMWare, Wipro, Yahoo, Top Group- China, Idea Factory- Argentina, GCS- Vietnam, LacViet- Vietnam, Software Technology Park- Thailand; Idea Factory, Argentina etc.
 Workshop Contents
  • Meaning and difficulties in estimation, different estimation techniques
  • Definition of terms & types of Counts
  • Overview of Function Point Analysis
 Overview of Function Point Analysis
  • Objectives and benefits of Function Point Analysis
  • Function Point Counting procedures
 User View
  • Definition of User View
  • Sizing during the life-cycle of an application
  • Life-cycle phase comparisons
  • Hints to help with Counting
  • Case Study on User View
 Identify Counting Scope and Application Boundary
  • Definition of Counting Scope and Application Boundary
  • Counting Scope and Application Boundary rules and procedures
  • Hints to help identify Counting Scope and Application Boundary
  • Case Study
 Count Data Functions
  • Definitions: ILFs and EIFs
  • ILF/EIF Counting rules
  • ILF/EIF Counting procedures
  • Hints to help with Counting
  • ILF/EIF Counting examples
  • Case Study: Identifying ILF, EIF and calculating Unadjusted Data FP
 Count Transactional Functions
  • Definitions: EIs, EOs and EQs
  • EI/EO/EQ Counting rules
  • EI, EO and EQ Counting procedures
  • Hints to help with Counting EIs, Eos and EQs
  • Elementary process identification examples
  • EI/EO/EQ Counting examples
  • EI Counting examples
  • EO Counting examples
  • EQ Counting examples
Determine Value Adjustment Factor
  • Value Adjustment Factor determination
  • General system characteristics
  • Degrees of influence
  • Guidelines to determine the degree of influence
Calculate Adjusted Function Point Count
  • Review of steps for Function Point Analysis
  • Development Project Function Point Calculation
  • Example: Development Project Function Point Count
Enhancement Project Function Point Calculation
  • Calculating Enhancement FP
  • Understanding EFP: EI
  • Understanding EFP: EO
  • Understanding EFP: EQ
  • Understanding EFP: ILF
  • Simplification of Equation
Estimating Effort & Size
  • Effort Estimation from Size
  • Work Break Down Structure
  • Wide Band Delphi Method
  • Case Study (Continuation): Calculating Effort & Size
Presentation of Case Study
Use Case Function Counting
  • Use Case Function Points
  • Analyze Requirements and Arrive at Use Case Model
  • Calculate Total UAW- Unadjusted Actor Weights
  • Calculate Total UUCW- Unadjusted Use Case Weight
  • Arrive at Unadjusted Use Case Points (UUCP)
  • Variable Adjustment Factor- VAF
  • Arrive at Final Use Case Points (FUCP)
Summary & Conclusion

The steps of FPA are very practical ---- S J Sudhakar Reddy- Accenture

Case study, Faculty is experienced to clarify the questions ---G.V.Sudhakar-Goldstone Tech
Speaker Knowledge & Concepts were made very clear ---Rajendra Kumar-HCL
Interactive , Material & handouts including Hardcopy & Softcopy ---Lavakumar Reddy -AXA Group Solutions
The trainer made a highly complex subject matter much easier to comprehend using real life examples and explained things to the level that most of us could understand ---Ifex Solutions
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