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Python Scripting

Course Overview

This Python Scripting course provides the foundation for the student to understand Python scripting. This course takes someone who has worked on any operating system to the next level where the learner is exposed to a very powerful cross platform scripting language. At the end of the course, the learner will be able to understand Python scripts written by other programmers as well as write new Python scripts to automate tasks with extensive hands on experience. The course also introduces the learner to some very important and fundamental concepts which are very essential for a person developing applications using cross platform programming languages.


This course is for people who have worked on any operating system and an editor. The learner should have explored programming concepts & would like to program using the Python Scripting language.

Who can Participate

Developers/Testers (2-5 years exp.), Team leads, Designers, Project Leaders

Workshop Topics
Day 1 Day 2
  • Introduction to Python
  • Running Python Statements
  • Writing Python Scripts
  • Getting Help
  • Data Types
  • Brief Tour of the Standard Library
    • Operating System Interface
    • File Wildcards
    • Command Line Arguments
    • Error Output Redirection and Program
    • Termination
    • String Pattern Matching
    • Mathematics
    • Dates and Times
    • Data Compression
    • Performance Measurement
    • Quality Control
    • Output Formatting
  • Built in functions
    • Introduction to a few basic built in functions
  • Control Flow Statements
  • General Syntax - Indentation
    • Expressions
    • Unary Arithmetic operators
    • Binary Arithmetic operators
    • Conditionals
      • if.. elif .. else
    • Loops
      • while
      • for
      • break
      • continue
  • Writing Functions
    • Defining Function
    • Processing parameters
    • Local Variables
    • Default argument values
    • Keyword Arguments
    • The return statement
    • DocString
  • I/O Handling
    • Files
      • Using File
  • Data Structures
    • Lists
      • Quick introduction to Objects and Classes
      • Using Lists
    • Tuple
      • Using Tuples
      • Tuples and the print statement
    • Dictionary
      • Using Dictionaries
    • Sequences
    • Objects and References
  • Modules
    • Using the sys module
    • Byte-compiled .pyc files
    • The from..import statement
    • Making your own Modules
    • Using the dir function
  • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Classes
    • Creating a Class
    • Using Object Methds
    • Class and Object Variables
    • Using Class and Object Variables
    • Using Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
  • Errors and Exceptions
    • Listing break points
    • Associating conditions to the break point
      Enable / disable break points
    • Trace back
    • Move between frames
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Python Scripting

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