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Software Testing:
People, Working Together, Are the Most Important Part of Any Project's Context - Part 3

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About Mr. Arunkumar Khannur


Arunkumar Khannur is an internationally reputed Software Testing Guru, India’s Noted Software Testing Authority, Subject Matter Expert, Advisor, Faculty and Author in Software Testing.

He has provided consulting services to 48 companies in 9 countries, and trained 20000+ IT professionals. He has M. Tech. (Computer Science) and M. Sc. (Physics)  to his credit.. He held various roles in Wipro, Logica, Planetasia, and QAI, He has M.Sc in Physics & M.Tech in Computer Science to his credit. 

Mr. Khannur authored 7 books including his recent “Structured Software Testing – The Discipline of Discovering Software Errorsbook from Partridge (A Penguin Company)  and “Software Testing Techniques and Applications” (2011), the Best Selling Book from Pearson Publisher. He maintains : "Khannur's Software Testing Knowledge Hub" which has benefited 12500+ Software Test Practitioners worldwide so far.

Mr. Khannur provides consulting, advisory, and training services across  India, China, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia, Slovenia, and also, to UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization. At present, he is Chairman and CEO of ISQT Process and Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore (

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Success of software testing depends on 4Ps (Process-Project-Product-People). Out of these, People play very important role and are main reason behind making other 3Ps (Process-Project-Product) effective.
Following are the

  • Define Roles and Responsibilities, and Hire
  • Assign Secondary Responsibilities
  • Impart Product Knowledge, Domain Knowledge, Process Knowledge, Standards and Compliance
  • Listen, Appreciate, Acknowledge, and Motivate
  • Have Fun and Celebrate Success

In the following sections, we discuss on each one of them.

Define Roles and Responsibilities, and Hire

Software Testing, many a times requires hard to find niche skills like, performance testing, security testing, usability testing, inter-operability testing, compliance testing, reliability testing, test architect, test analysts, test coordinator.

Based on understanding of context, we need to identify which roles we require. Also, we need to define their responsibility.

While hiring, we need to give more importance for attitude and thinking like analytical thinking, system thinking, synthesis thinking.

While hiring, common mistake done by interviewer is that many a times they ask questions from their strength area by ignoring the fact that the person who attends interview is from some other skills. Then they reject that candidate saying that he does not anything though not a single question is being asked on strength area of the candidate! So avoid this blunder by having pool of interviewers with competency in specific skill. By doing this, we do justice.

Assign Secondary Responsibilities

In software testing project, there are many routine tasks like arranging for meeting; collecting test basis; inspecting incoming materials; collecting build; configuration control; coordinating training; preparing test data; coordinating for hardware and software; setting test environment; installation of hardware-software-tools; preparing draft reports etc.
It is good to pass one or two such responsibilities to team members so that senior members can focus on strategic tasks; issue and conflict management; coordinating with client etc.

Impart Product Knowledge, Domain Knowledge, Process Knowledge, Standards and Compliance

In order to do good testing, testers shall have Product Knowledge, Domain Knowledge, Process Knowledge, Standards and Compliance. Proper training shall be planned and conducted so as to build this much required knowledge.

Listen, Appreciate, Acknowledge, and Motivate

Testing team shall have good open culture so that members can seamlessly exchange ideas. Whenever any member expresses any idea, his very attempt shall be appreciated than quality of the idea. This will encourage people to actively participate.
Whenever anyone expresses good idea it shall be appreciated and acknowledged. Leader shall never be judgmental on ideas from his team members whenever they express. They shall use questionnaire based leadership style for generating superior ideas.
Also, when something does happen as expected, leader shall use utmost care and shall not pass the blame on others. Also, encouraging people to attempt; accepting failures as learning’s and then improving upon etc can make people to be motivated. Also, leader shall be generous enough to give credit to his team members than taking credit himself.

Have Fun and Celebrate Success

When adversity strikes then using spiritual intelligence and encouraging team members is very crucial. Also, when stress mounts keeping an environment that is filled with humors and fun produces great results.
Also, when testing is over, leader shall ensure that testing team shall get credit and stake in project success.
The above points when used properly with proper combination of physical-cognitive-emotional-and spiritual intelligences will make an experience of its team member’s life time memories.

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