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This Bourne Shell Scripting course provides the foundation for the student to understand shell scripting. This course takes someone who has worked on the UNIX/Linux operating system to the next level. At the end of the course, the learner will be able to understand as to what is a shell script, understand shell scripts written by the others as well as write new shell scripts to automate tasks, specifically using Bourne shell/Korn Shell/Bourne Again Shell with extensive hands on experience. The course also introduces the learner to some very important and fundamental concepts which are very essential for a shell script developer including redirection&piping.
The objectives of UNIX Advanced workshop are:
  • Redirection & piping.
  • Input & output statements
  • Working with variables
  • Significance of quotes
  • Concatenating strings
  • Calculating values
  • Processing parameters
  • The ‘test’ command
  • Programming constructs
  • Conditions:if,case,select
  • Loops:while,until,for
  • Functions for modularity
  • Working with strings
  • Working with files
  • Working with functions
Target Audience
This course is a must for any person who has worked on the UNIX/Linux operating system & would like to personally automate the system to increase productivity. A thorough understanding of shell scripting will greatly enhance the comfort level of the participant, thus improving productivity.
This course is for people who have worked on the UNIX based operating system. The learner should have written computer programs using any programming language.This program is not for people who have never worked on UNIX/Linux operating system. The participants should be well versed in working with at least one editor on UNIX/Linux & should be in a position to look up the manual pages on the operating system
Benefits of the Training
This course takes the participant from being comfortable working on the UNIX/Linux Operating System to the next level where the participant does a lot of automation starting with automating the login to automating a lot of day to day tasks to improve the productivity.  With shell scripting knowledge, the participant will be in a position to contribute positively in the projects executed on UNIX based operating systems.
Workshop Topics
UNIX Advanced - Overview

Redirection & piping

  • Input redirection
  • Output redirection
  • Error redirection
  • Understanding the implementation of redirection
  • Piping
  • The 'tee' command

Input & output statements

  • The ‘read’ command to read from the keyboard
  • The ‘echo’ command to display on the monitor

Working with variables

  • Creating variables
  • Accessing values of variables
  • Environment variables



Significance of quotes

  • Significance of single quotes
  • Significance of double quotes
  • Significance of back quotes

Concatenating strings
Calculating values

  • The ‘expr’ command

Processing parameters

  • Identifying the name of the file
  • Identifying the number of parameters
  • Identifying the parameters passed
  • Access the individual parameters

The ‘test’ command

  • Exit status & the test command
  • The 3 forms of the ‘test’ command
  • Operators of ‘test’ command w.r.t. numbers
  • Operators of ‘test’ command w.r.t. strings
  • Operators of ‘test’ command w.r.t. files
  • Compound operators
DAY 2 Programming Constructs
  • Conditions:if,case,select
  • Loops:while,until,for
  • Working with strings
  • Working with files
  • Working with functions



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