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ETSI TTCN-3 User Conference and
Model Based Testing Workshop
Detailed Conference Program Announced!
11th June:
Pre-Conference Tutorials
12th & 13th June:
TTCN-3 User Conference
14th June:
Model Based Testing Workshop
 About 11th Edition of ETSI T3UC: ETSI TTCN-3 User Conference & MBT Platinum Sponsors
The 11th Edition of ETSI T3UC-2012: ETSI TTCN-3 User Conference and Model Based Testing will be hosted in Bangalore, India on 11th – 14th June 2012 to learn the TTCN – 3 Testing Technology and Model based Testing.
Along the lines of other geographies of the world, India has also discovered the value of this application and tool-independent test specification language. T3UC for 2012 will offers an opportunity for testing experts, tool and product makers to showcase and learn about the latest approaches and advances in TTCN-3 technology to support their quest to provide top quality products in today's challenging markets.
This 11th edition of T3UC is co-organized by Sasken, ISQT and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). It will feature refereed tutorials and presentations from members of the TTCN-3 user community as well as keynotes from invited speakers. The MBT workshop will be featuring invited tutorials, keynote and presentations.
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 About TTCN-3 Conference Registration
ETSI’s TTCN-3 is a well established mature testing technology. During its 10+ year lifespan, the realization of its flexibility and adaptability has led to its rapid deployment in the telecommunication domain plus many other domains, including automotive, medical, aerospace, transportation, and others. In addition, its use has expanded from functional conformance testing into load, performance and interoperability testing.
Over all these years, TTCN-3 has also been constantly improved to cope with the latest upcoming testing requirements. Identifying future challenges of testing is and has always been a key concern to keep TTCN-3 as a modern and innovative testing technology and thereby protect existing investments in TTCN-3. Recent shifts in technology (For ex: Agile Development), as well as upcoming new application areas such as Long Term Evolution (LTE) and Machine-to-Machine(M2M) have a particular impact on system validation and testing. This year's conference will be followed by a separate workshop on model-based testing which was turned recently from a topic of research into an industrially deployed testing technology due. ETSI will share its ongoing standardization efforts in this area and also give an opportunity to listen and share industrial user experiences with model-based testing.
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