Call for Presentations and Tutorials
TTCN3 and Model Based Testing Workshop
 Coverage and Objectives of ETSI TTCN-3

ETSI T3UC: ETSI TTCN-3 User Conference and Model Based Testing is a four days conference with:
  • Practical experience and results of using TTCN-3
  • Current and Future Challenges
  • Evaluations of development and testing processes that integrate TTCN-3, also in comparison to other testing technologies
  • Experiences in training and educating TTCN-3
  • The future of TTCN-3
  • Model based Testing workshop featuring invited tutorials, keynote and presentations
  • and much more
 Program Committee

Mr. Srinivas Prasad, Sasken
Mr. Anthony Wiles, ETSI
Mr. PVR Murthy, Siemens
Mr. Prasanna Venkatesh, Huawei
Mr. Theofanis Vassiliou-Gioles, Testing Tech
Mr. Andres Kull, Elvior
Mr. Raquel Jimenez Garrido, MTP
Mr. Ji Wu, Beihang University
Ms. Ina Schieferdecker, Fraunhofer Fokus, Germany
Mr. Alex Zhu, TTCNTest Forum
Mr. Jayakishor Bhanja, Wipro
Mr. Ranganath Mahapatra , L&T Infotech
Mr. Jayakumar K, Mphasis
Mr. Stephan Schulz, Conformiq
Mr. Gyorgy Rethy, Ericsson
Mr. Bernard Stepien, Sympatico/Uni. of Ottawa, Canada
Mr. Jens Grabowski, Uni. of Goettingen, Germany
Mr. Ariel Sabiguero Yawelak, Uni. of the Republic, Uruguay
Mr. Andrej Pietschker, Giesecke & Devrient, Germany
 Organizing Committee

Mr. Arunkumar khannur,
ISQT ( Organizing Chair ) ______________________________________________
Ms. Emmanuelle Chaulot-Talmon,
Ms. Priti Raj,

Technical Paper Submission Clarification
please contact:

Name: Srinivas Prasad


Phone: +91 9986056799

A proposal for a presentation should not be longer than two A4 pages must be based on the below template. It shall include a title, the name of the presenter, a contact address, a summary of the presentation and a statement regarding the intended audience.
Please use the template to submit Presentation / Tutorials proposals.
Proposals in PDF format shall be submitted via the conferencing system EasyChair from the following link:
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For more information visit: T3UC 2012 Conference
 Important Dates
Date Description
03 Feb, 2012 Submission of title, authors and abstract
05 Mar, 2012 Notification of acceptance
11 May, 2012 Submission of final presentations & tutorials
Submission Details for Presentations/Poster/Tutorials
Proposals for 20 minutes presentations (including 5 minutes of Q&A) or a poster presentation or 2-4 hours tutorial on the following topics (but, not limited to) are highly appreciated:
ETSI T3UC conference aims to share the rich experience, expertise and best practices on TTCN-3 technology and Model Based Testing (MBT) that comes with:
  • Practical experience and results of using TTCN-3:
    • Achievements and position statements on different application domains such as aerospace, automotive, banking, IP-based systems, medical devices, mobile and broadband telecommunication, railways, space and telematics, telemetry, web services.
    • Practical results of integrating TTCN-3 into existing test platforms and test devices.
    • Experience reports on the application of TTCN-3 based test solutions and test frameworks.
    • Achievements in integrated software design and testing methods (integration with MDA, UML etc.), reports on adoption of or migration to TTCN-3.
    • Experiences from applying TTCN-3 to all kinds of testing such as conformance, interoperability, performance, load, stress, security and robustness testing.
  • Current and Future Challenges:
    • New testing requirements from emerging technologies and new application areas (e.g.
      Cloud, cyber-physical systems, M2M).
    • New development paradigms (e.g. model-driven engineering, agile development).
    • Examples of good business cases for the use of TTCN-3.
    • Use of TTCN-3 for validation of security aspects (e.g. security evaluation techniques, threat-vulnerability testing).
    • Usage of TTCN-3 in new development processes (e.g. agile processes, open source development)
  • Evaluations of development and testing processes that integrate TTCN-3, also in comparison to other testing technologies.
  • Experiences in training and educating TTCN-3.
  • The future of TTCN-3; e.g., proposals for language extensions and position statements on the role of TTCN-3 in new trends in testing, new application areas and planned or ongoing research.
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