About ISQT's Step-Auto "QA Leadership Summit"

Visualising future on QA enables you to fast respond to tough business scenarios. ISQT’s Step-Auto 2015 : "QA Leadership Summit: What Next in QA?" :  QA is dead.. Get ready for Quality Engineering in the Era of Technical Disruptions enables you to respond fast to win business in the world of ever increasing technical disruptions. We are confident that our combined expertise will enable us to serve your needs in QA.
World is harping on IOT ( Internet Of Things ) , Wearable Devices, Machine Learning, Everyday Technology Disruptions are posing many challenges because of fast paced changes. This is forcing QA Leaders like CIOs, CTOs, Head of COE in Testing/QA, Head of Testing, Head of R&D, Business Unit Heads, Delivery Heads, Head of SEPG, Process QA Heads, and Senior Managers to look for a variety of solutions by moving up in the value chain by accepting Quality Engineering as an order of the day. Managing People, Processes, and Practices; Search for Commercial Models; Adoption of New Managerial Practices, and so on.
We, by understanding issues and challenges, have put a proposal for a QA Leadership Summit on a theme that you don’t know well. With some of the greatest minds from the corporate world will meet under ISQT’s Step-Auto 2015:"QA Leadership Summit: What Next in QA?" : QA is dead.. Get ready for Quality Engineering in the Era of Technical Disruptions Summit. Thought provoking thoughts, insights into near future, and decisions about some of the QA world’s most pressing issues will be discussed here. A Key Note and three panel discussions on carefully chosen themes where what and how-to are discussed by the finest minds are planned for you.
When speed at which you address future can win you a business.. You must respond fast.
Block your calendar and Make sure to be present.. You really enjoy the aura of future..

About Step-Auto:
Advancing Software Testing Together

Step-Auto Welcomes Serious Quality Assurance Professionals..
Step-Auto Events are premier QA Events. Gateway between theory and good practices and aiming at bridging the knowledge gap between present with future, Step-Auto events are Incentive Events that are built on innovation and infused wisdom. They provide ideal platform for thoughtful minds so that they can perform their role like never before.
Working under the guidance of able Advisory Board, Step-Auto conducts exciting conferences and has become the most remarkable destinations for serious and thoughtful practitioners who are always seeking opportunity to move up in the value chain. With a dedicated Step-Auto Event Team to you, everything is inclusively created so as to make it as the perfect, impressive, and unforgettable rewarding experience..

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About ISQT

ISQT Process & Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. with idiom 'Value First', is a Bangalore based Process Consulting and High-End Training Company.

ISQT is a value-based, vision-driven, mission-focused organization whose client-centric services have roots in a systemic view and a holistic approach.

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