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ISQT takes immense pleasure and pride in announcing "Non-Conventional Software Test Automation Conference at Bangalore on 19-20th November 2014". Software test automation has evolved over the years. Now is the time to learn on Scripting in Test Automation and also, Codeless Automation.As we know, First Generation Record & Playback test automation made regression tests feasible; Second Generation Testing Tools are with use and reuse of functions and they enabled automation professionals to automate a wider variety of testing tasks; Third Generation Test Automation focused on separating data from scripts and also, helped in increasing test coverage and maintainability. Fourth Generation Test Automation approach overcomes scripting issues by replacing scripts with keywords.


ISQT’s Step Auto conferences have always been credited with introducing New Approaches, Techniques, Tools and Best Practices on Software Testing. These events aim at converging Test Leadership, Management & Innovative Test Strategies.
The tracks and topics of the conference are carefully chosen and designed to cater to the needs of testing community’s enthusiastic participants.

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About ISQT

ISQT Process & Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. with idiom 'Value First', is a Bangalore based Process Consulting and High-End Training Company.

ISQT is a value-based, vision-driven, mission-focused organization whose client-centric services have roots in a systemic view and a holistic approach.


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Past Conferences

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•  Test Process Improvement Conference
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