Past Conferences

   •  Non-Conventional Software Test Automation Conference, 19-20th Nov'14 | Bangalore

   •  Agile Best Practices Conference, 26-27th June'13 | Bangalore

   •  Test Process Improvement Conference, 3rd May'13 | Bangalore

   •  Software Testing Conclave Conference, 8th-10th May'12 | Bangalore

   •  BFSI Software Testing and Compliance, 15 - 16th Feb'12 | Bangalore

   •  ERP Testing Conference, 8th Dec'11 | Bangalore

   •  Software Testing 5 Days Mega Conference, 9-13th May'11 | Bangalore

   •  Software Testing Conference, 28th Sep'10 | Chennai

   •  Software Testing Conference, 23rd Sep'10 | Hyderabad

   •  Software Testing Conference, 21st Sep'10 | Pune

   •  Software Testing Conference, 15th & 16th Sep'10 | Bangalore

   •  Software Testing Conference, 9th Jul'10 | Gurgaon

   •  Software Testing Conference, 7th Jul'10 | Noida

   •  Software Testing Conference, 22nd Apr'10 | Hyderabad

   •  TTCN3 - User Conference Asia 2009, 17-19th Nov'09 | Bangalore

   •  Compliance Standards & Validation in BFSI Applications, 14th Oct'09 | Bangalore

   •  Security & Performance Testing Conference, 9th Apr'09 | Gurgaon

   •  Security & Performance Testing Conference, 7th Apr'09 | Noida

   •  Security & Performance Testing Conference, 2nd Apr'09 | Pune

   •  Security & Performance Testing Conference, 26 Mar'09 | Chennai

   •  SOA for Managers by Jason Bloomberg Conference, 17th Oct'08 | Bangalore

   •  Licensed Zapthink Architect (Boot Camp), 13-16th Oct'08 | Mumbai

   •  Licensed Zapthink Architect (Boot Camp), 20-23rd May'08 | Bangalore

   •  International Conference on Test Practices & Automation, 21st Feb'08 | Bangalore

   •  SOA Implementation Evaluation SOA Testing Conference, 19th & 20th Feb'08 | Bangalore

   •  Innovations in Testing & Automation Conference, 10th & 11th Jan'07 | Bangalore

   •  Innovations in Testing & Automation Conference, 16th & 17th Jan'07 | Hyderabad

   •  Innovations in Testing & Automation Conference, 18th Jan'07 | Chennai

   •  Innovations in Testing & Automation Conference, 4th Dec'07 | Bangalore


I am glad to be on the conference to meet TTCN-3 Conference and share the experiences

- Andrus, Elvior

I have been attending ISQT's Conference for several years now. Each time I go back with lot of information & understanding of various topics across different domains. I find these conferences very enriching & helpful for everyone. Thanks for organizing such a event every year.

- Himanshu Nigam, Motorola

Very good Choice of Topics. Very informative. Very good choice of speakers. Overall a very interesting and a very informative program. Thanks to ISQT for giving us an opportunity to attend this program.

- Deepa V, Yahoo

Excellent for exchange new happenings in QA world. Some of the session had good best practices & lessons from various practitioners.

- Kiran Kumar, Infosys

The Keynote address was really good.

- - Geethu Nair, Nest

Thanks for the Opportunity . Got a chance to experiment and get feedback on BDD. All the best for your future ventures.

- - Miti S Bhat, Infosys